Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous
is a fellowship group for men and women who want to share their hope, strength, and experiences with each other in order to solve or find answers for their common problems and questions, as well as to help other people to recover from addiction, especially with alcoholism. The only requirement needed for the membership is a complete desire to stop and avoid drinking and alcoholism. There are fees or dues need for the A.A. membership and they are self-supporting through their own contributions. Alcoholics Anonymous is not allied with any denomination, sectors, organizations, politics, or institutions; and doesn’t wish to be involved or engaged in any kind of controversy; neither opposes nor endorses any causes. Their main purpose is to completely stay sober and help the entire alcoholics to successfully achieve the sobriety.

Alcoholic Anonymous is comprised of men and women who have admitted, and
discovered that they cannot control Alcoholics Anonymous Logotheir alcohol addiction. They are the people who have learned that they need to live without alcohol in order for them to avoid the disasters in their lives as well as to those that are close to them. With local groups in hundreds and thousands of communities, they are a part of the international fellowship with numerous members in over 100 countries to help and exercise their primary purpose which is to stay sober themselves and to help the people who will turn to them, asking for a help to achieve sobriety.

The consequences of being addicted to alcohol of their members were different form each other. Some of their members had become vagrant before turning to the Alcoholic Association to ask for help. They lost their self-respect, possessions, and even their families. They had been in gutter, jailed and hospitalized. They had done many grave offences against their families, the society, and their employers and even on themselves.

Others among them have never been hospitalized or jailed. Nor have lost their job because of drinking. But even those women and men finally came to point where they realized that the alcohol is already interfering their normal living. When they have discovered that they couldn’t seem to live without the presence of alcohol, they sought help through the A.A. rather than prolonging their irresponsible action like drinking.

Their entire great faiths are represented in this Fellowship group and numerous religious leaders have already encouraged their growth. There are evens agnostics and atheist among them. Adherence to, or belief in, a formal creed isn’t a requirement for membership.

A.A. groups as well as its members are united by one common problem, alcohol. Through many talking and meetings with the alcoholics, the group was able to prevent alcoholism among them and stay sober. They lose the urge to drink which is once a dominant force in their lives.

While there may be some other solution to drinking problems, A.A. knows that their program really works and this has been seen in every newcomer, almost without having any exception, who sincerely and honestly wanted to stop drinking.