Will Insurance Pay for Rehab?

Private and public health insurance often pay a portion of the cost of inpatient or outpatient treatment for almost all types of addiction. Insurers cover addiction treatment costs as they understand the effects of addiction to a person. Health insurance companies provide terms for complete or partial coverage of addiction rehab. You should ask your health insurance provider if you want to find a program that is partly or completely covered by your insurance plan or you want to know how your addiction treatment is covered in your policy.

Private Insurance

Private insurance is more expensive than public insurance, but the healthcare options you have are more comprehensive. This kind of insurance is paid for by an individual person or by an employer and isn’t funded by the federal government and its agencies. With this kind of insurance, you can pick from various drug or alcohol rehab centers. It can also pay a large portion of your treatment expenses.

Public Insurance

Public insurance is for perfect for those whose insurance doesn’t cover substance addiction or behavioral treatment plans. This kind of insurance can make inpatient treatment more affordable. Some income guidelines are implemented for these plans, so you should check with your rehab facility to determine if you’re qualified to get public insurance programs that cover addiction rehab.

Group Insurance

There are group insurance packages that include provisions for addiction rehabilitation. Health insurance companies are mandated to balance the drug and alcohol treatment for group plans. The group plan should contain existing terms for all psychological health benefits. It usually covers long-term inpatient treatment, group and individual outpatient support, detox plans and residential hospitalization.

Talking to your insurance provider is still the best way to know if your insurance will pay for your rehab. You should know whether the treatment is covered or not in your drug rehab insurance coverage. This way, you won’t be surprised and pay for all the treatment cost.