12 Step Programs and Addiction Recovery Options

For those people who are seeking abstinence from their drug abuse issues and addictive behavior, there are varieties of non-profit Anonymous Groups and Addiction Recovery options which aim to help individuals with drug abuse problems to recover from their addiction such as AA (Alcoholic Anonymous), NA, and Self-Help Recovery Programs. In the broad sense, these groups and addiction recovery options are not only contained on helping people with specific drug issue, but it also includes wide range of addictive behaviors including: alcoholism, substance abuse, gambling addiction, cocaine addiction, drug addiction and other activities relating to destructive addiction.

NA, AA, Smart Recovery and sponsors face-to-face meetings across the globe (Smart Recovery can be an exceptionSupport Group as it offers online meetings between facilitator and participants), which are supported by wide networks or participants with addictive behaviors and facilitators who had also undergone in recovery process themselves. These organizations offer variety of activities and programs (including the 12-Step Model) and meetings that is centered in teaching participants to change themselves, cravings, emotions, self-defeated thinking and actions to work towards long term satisfaction and better quality of life—particularly for those individuals who have chosen to help themselves “willingly” to absence and break away from their addictive behaviors.

12 Step Programs and Self-Help Recovery Options stands as benchmarks or cornerstone by which other addiction recovery mutual-aid societies are measured due to national and international dispersion, longevity, multicultural scope and cultural visibility, size of its membership, influence on ‘professionally-directed’ addiction treatment, adaption of its program to related problems, and growing scientific study on its active ingredients and their effects on long term recovery. Although NA (Narcotic Anonymous) is one of the earliest adaption of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) programs, NA still remains as the foundation among all the other anonymous groups and addiction recovery programs.
These Addiction Recovery Option and Anonymous Organizations offer variety of tools and techniques to help its participants and members to gain independence not only from their addiction, but also to control and overcome their addictive problems and behaviors. They also offer different recovery programs which includes a daily or weekly attendance of participants at the group meeting. Attending to these meetings are usually free, hence, making it available for everyone who wants to change their life to better one. It also helps individuals to enhance their motivation for their fast recovery and accept support from network of peers, families and people who have abstained their addiction. Few of the vital approach used by these groups in their meetings and fellowships include the following:

-Encourages participants to recover and live satisfying lives
-Teaches self-empowerment and self-reliance
-Teaches techniques and tools for a self-directed change
-Offers FREE educational meetings and open discussion
-Advocate the appropriate use of psychological treatments and prescribed medication
-Evolves in both scientific and psychological knowledge of addiction recovery.
-Although each anonymous groups and smart recovery options has their own distinction and differences, it only gears towards one goal---to help these people construct their own path of recovery and lead a healthy and quality life.