The 4-Step Recovery Process 

'What happens during alcohol and drug rehabilitation?' - This a question that many people ask themselves. Very often, being misinformed or not knowing what does the rehab process look like and its stages is what 'scares' people off of this decision. Which is definitely a decision worth making - and one that has changed the lives of millions addicts around the globe.

So, what happens during rehab?

We are breaking down to the basics of rehab treatment for alcohol and drug addicts, following each step closely:


The first step towards drug and alcohol rehab is detoxification, often known as detox. This early part ensures of the bodyStages of Recoveryof the addict getting rid of the toxic materials inside it whether it's drug or alcohol. The detox experience for every person following drug and alcohol rehab can be different. The main difference is closely linked to the type of substance used. A general rule is that during this phase, many people experience discomfort. However, a safe treatment helps in safely eliminating it and getting the patient right on track for the second phase rehabilitation.

Inpatient Rehab

Searching for the causes of their addiction, addressing them and talking about the experiences openly is what rehab is all about. Learning how to cope with whatever the future may bring and how to deal with temptations are also important aspects of this phase.
From practicing refusal skills to knowing the bad thing about their addiction, patients get a great deal of rationalization during this phase.

Sober Living

Sober living is what happens after the patient gets through rehab. It is basically all of the techniques learned and experiences gained from the rehab process which need to be put to practice. Temptations are always there - and it's only up to the character of the person and the quality of rehab received to make sure that they will never be the cause of problems again.

Intensive Outpatient/ After Care

Aftercare services include support groups, ongoing therapies and sober living arrangements. It is up to the person to take advantage of them - however, they are strongly advised by every healthcare professional.
In the end, rehabilitation does not come with a strict timeline. Many drug and alcohol rehab centers offer 30-day programs as their minimum treatment periods, however most of the individuals benefit from 60-day and 90-day rehab treatments accordingly.